Breath...5 Minutes Can Change Your Life

We think we know how to breath but when you consciously learn how to breathe, you change everything! Take a few minutes to enrich your being.

Many years ago, I met a wonderful lady on Facebook. A Lightworker, someone who is knowledgeable in holistic 'new age' modalities, which have been around since the beginning of mankind. Nothing new age about learning to breathe. I was very interested in meditation. I watched videos and read as much as I could about learning to meditate. I tried it but my mind was in control of the trillion thoughts I had. As much and as hard as I tried, I could not quiet my mind.

The Lightworker, we'll call her Ana, offered to teach me to learn how to breathe  One cannot meditate without learning to breathe first. A Skype session was scheduled - she lived in Europe and I lived in Toronto. I lay down and she guided me through the entire experience, deep breaths in, feel your breath while inhaling and exhaling; roll that breath to your toes and exhale. Repeat. 

Ana not only taught me how to breathe, but how to shake the stress off, move out of a bad feeling place to feel peace, calm and or relief. Who knew learning to breath can benefit one's wellbeing so much? Once I felt confident in breathing mindfully, I tried meditating again. This time I experienced the benefit of meditation and quieting the mind.

Deep breathing slows down your heart rate, allows the body to take in more oxygen and ultimately signals the brain to wind down. It also balances your hormones- lowering down cortisol levels, increasing endorphin rush in the body. If you ever feel symptoms of unease, panic or anxiety, take deep breaths and exhale. Mindful breathing in particular is helpful because it gives us an anchor—our breath—on which we can focus when we find ourselves carried away by a stressful thought.

Learn To Breathe

Did you try it? How did it go? Comment below to share your experience.

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