Exercising is never about losing pounds, kilos, a stone and slimming down. Regular exercise gives you the power to take control of each day with passion, changes your outlook, makes you vibrant and believe me it gives you a beautiful healthy glow.....which makes you gorgeous!

“Every cell in the human body benefits from physical activity,” says Tim Church, MD, Ph.D., the director of preventative medicine at Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, La. And, he says, you feel tangible rewards right away. “Within an hour of exercising, you feel less anxious; that night you sleep better, and for 72 hours afterward your body processes blood sugar more efficiently.”

Let's take a look at motivating ways to lace up, work out and not only feel amazing but look MARVELOUS. Whatever form or exercise you choose, do it because you're loving it and having fun.


Working up a good sweat impacts the skin. When the pores dilate, sweat expels trapped dirt and oil. If you have an acne skin condition, blackheads this means over time you'll see a huge improvement in your skin and fewer blackheads. Be sure to cleanse your skin after your workout to avoid sebum and or environmental dirt getting back into the pores.

Sweat benefits:
* reduces inflammation *regulates skin significant hormones
*helps prevent free-radical damage
*blood flows through the microvessels delivering nutrients that repair sun damage
*nutrients boost collagen production maintaining elasticity and firmness in the skin

Working out gives you healthier self-esteem. You carry yourself with such happiness and confidence which makes anyone be noticed instantly because you stand taller. People love being around confident happy people.

LESS STRESS AND ANXIETY Have you noticed when you've finished your workout, you feel calmer and smile more? Exactly! You may be at the gym, a yoga class, or dancercise class, or you might be working out at home ~ notice that easy feeling of calm and a burst of happiness. Consistent exercise will make you a happier person. Who doesn't want that?

The body's lymph system is happy when you exercise; contracting muscles put a squeeze on lymph nodes pumping waste out of your system. The increased blood flow boosts the immune system, and guess what that means? You're not as susceptible to becoming sick and you're not bloated and puffy.

RESTFUL SLEEP "Shawn Talbott, Ph.D., nutritional biochemist and author of The Metabolic Method explains that exercise sharpens the body’s sensitivity to the stress hormone cortisol, which can enhance sleep. Sleeping better leaves you looking fresh and healthy."

I love this one ~ this is all about losing those 'muffin' handles. Seriously, it’s the loss of excess fat deep inside the body that boosts your overall vitality and your looks.

The bottom line is exercise makes you get your SEXY on. #BringIt Healthy, radiant glow, toned slimmer body, slimmer, gorgeous hair and skin.

Sophia Sarantakos CIDESCO Diplome, Aesthetician

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