Hydration 101

The skin is the largest living organ, which people do not typically consider. The skin's physiology comprises multiple layers of cells, which are water-based. Without water, organs will not function correctly or at their best. Lack of water equates to a lack of hydration, resulting in tight, flaky, dry skin. Hydration is essential.


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Dry skin has less resilience and is more prone to wrinkles. I hear women say they drink sufficient water, yet the skin is still dry. The truth is that water will reach all other organs before it reaches the skin, and it is vital to hydrate the skin with moisture.

Hyaluronic Face Cream

The active ingredients of the Ageless La Cure and Oxygen Biological creams will nourish and replenish the skin giving you a beautiful, radiant glow.

How often should you have a facial treatment? How committed are you to your skin? Our recommendation to those serious about maintaining their skin is to have a monthly facial treatment, four-to-six weeks for those with time constraints and for all others, seasonally.  You can also spa-at-home with the specially curated facial collection, Organic Beauty.

Your skin therapist will provide a customized plan based on your concerns and skin condition. It is up to you to maintain your skin daily for your natural radiant beauty.

Skin Care Essential Regiment 

Contact us to discuss your concerns to customize your skincare plan.

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