Ampoule Special Treatment

Ampoule Special Treatment, Hubislab Skincare Korea

Ampoule Line is a luxurious advanced bio science grade line of concentrated serums to quickly boost moisture and nutrient levels and increase the skin's elasticity from deep within. It provides complete hydration, bolsters the skin’s natural defences, and guards against moisture loss. Skin condition improvement with nourishment. 

Chamomile Complex 70% Ampoule
✦ For radiant, moisturized skin.

Hyaluron Complex 65% Ampoule
✦ To hydrate and revitalize sensitive skin.

Tea Tree Complex 60% Ampoule
✦ Highly effective for oily, acne-prone skin types.

Vitamin-C Complex 50% Ampoule
✦ Reduces discoloration, brightens skin, and encourages collagen synthesis, and moisturized skin.

Hubislab Special Treatment Ampoules Serums