Hubislab Bio Science

Hubis Skincare Regenerating Repairing Skin Brightening and anti-bacterial

Korean skincare has become a lifestyle, not just a necessity.  We're excited to offer our clients a medical-grade skincare line which supports all advanced skincare treatments such as micro-needling, dermaplaning, Fotofacial, Ultrasound etc, and cosmetic surgery.

HUBISLAB is a professional skin research and development brand based on Human BioSciences that aims to maintain healthy and beautiful skin throughout human life. The emphasis is on protection and skin reinforcement with innovative ingredients and moral responsibility to the wellness of humans and our planet. 


HUBISLAB’s products are known in Korea as 'improvement cosmetics' that promote continuous improvement of the skin.  Science and technology help the skin change by delivering the ingredients deep into the dermis layer.


Hubis Skincare made in Korea