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Active Peel Scrub

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Ideal for normal to oily skin, Activ'Peel Bio, an exfoliating gel, frees the pores of impurities. It promotes the radiance of the complexion and the penetration of products applied afterwards. The skin texture is visibly refined and the skin is then clear and fresh.

Granular exfoliating gel

Skin type: All skin types
Expectation: Exfoliate, cleanse, purify
Presentation: 40 ml tube

Ingredients: Bamboo, Geranium*, Lemon*, Grapefruit*, Lemon Litsea*, Burdock*, Pansy*, Green Clay, Aloe Vera* *Ingredients from Organic Farming

Application: Once or twice a week, apply to damp skin. Gently exfoliate using circular motions. Insist on the T zone. Rinse. Finish by toning the skin with a suitable toner.