Ageless La Cure Les 5 Secrets Serum Collection

Ageless La Cure Les 5 Secrets Serum Collection

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Because you wish to stay young-looking without aggressive methods.

This luxurious anti-ageing solution is made from natural and holistic biological products highly concentrated in active ingredients. The synergy of the serum and cream achieve radiant and younger-looking skin.

The 3-week cure is intended for day and night use.  The delicate fragrance of the two products is composed of a precious blend of plant extracts (rose, orange, tangerine, green tea, geranium, vanilla and sandalwood) selected according to the principles of energy medicines. 

  • essential hydration
  • addition of needed minerals
  • wrinkles filled from within
  • age-defying antioxidants to fight free radicals
  • lifting, firming and toning

Les 5 Secrets Serum

  • very rich in natural anti-ageing active molecules
  • commifora, fills in wrinkles from within, mineralizes and tones the skin
  • manganese, mineralizes and consolidates the protective mantel of your skin
  • essential oils of rose and apricot provide hydration and anti-ageing properties.

Les 5 Secrets Creme

  • the cream is very rich in natural anti-ageing active molecules
  • hydrates, firms, and restructures the skin
  • acacia gum from Africa acts as a tightening agent giving an immediately visible decrease in wrinkle depth and a smoother skin
  • wheat extract hydrates deeply and restructures the skin
  • cupuacu butter  from the Amazonian rain forest and shea butter from Africa assures additional hydrating, healing and anti-ageing properties 


Who is this treatment cure for?

  • This is for you if you're serious about looking after your skin.
  • What about us guys? Yes, this is for you too!
  • You've had cosmetic surgery or injectables. This is for you too, but you must let us know in advance to ensure the collection is used appropriately. We want you to follow the medical home care plan first, and then we're all yours!
  • You don't do injectables? This is for you, too! The 3-week cure is a great treatment for you at home 2-3 times throughout the year and between your facial treatments. 
  • This is for all skin types. Fill out and submit our skincare consultation form if you have concerns, and we'll work with you.