Relax Roll-On 10ml

Relax Roll-On 10ml

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Enter a blissful state of comfort and relaxation with our Relax Roll-On. A divine blend of harmonizing Essential Oils, it deeply soothes the mind and body while evoking positive feelings and perspectives. Cheerful Orange, uplifting Bergamot, and reassuring Grapefruit work together as strong emotional balancers, helping to dissipate any stress or sorrow. Dark Patchouli, rich and sensuous, captivates the senses with its alluring character so that all worries are forgotten. Finally, Ylang Ylang's uniquely floral and enticing aroma contributes to this balancing synergy for an even stronger sense of inner tranquillity.

This Roll-On comes pre-blended with nourishing Fractionated Coconut Oil for easy application and is perfect to use while on the go!

How to use:

To wind down during or after a stressful day, gently roll onto the temples, wrists, and other pulse points, inhaling deeply to take in the aroma.

To prepare the mind and body for sleep, gently roll onto the soles of the feet, neck, or palms, once again inhaling deeply to draw in the relaxing aroma.


While this product has been formulated to be gentle on the skin, a patch test is recommended before use to identify possible sensitivities. This oil is not a replacement for traditional medicine.