Breath Easy Roll-On 10ml

Breath Easy Roll-On 10ml

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Our Breathe Easy Roll-On includes a potent blend of six Essential Oils used by aromatherapists and herbalists to foster a sense of vitality, openness, and freedom. Herbaceous Ravensara, minty Eucalyptus, and earthy Laurel Leaf contribute to a fresh cleansing aroma traditionally used to soothe and powerfully open up the body.

Comforting Lemon and Peppermint work together to calm and relax any soreness or tension. Spicy Cardamom warms up the body to complete this essential herbal remedy for any winter season.

This Roll-On comes pre-blended with nourishing Fractionated Coconut Oil for easy application and is perfect to use while on the go!

How to use:
To help soothe feelings of congestion, gently roll onto the chest and back. Repeat as often as needed.

To alleviate feelings of malaise during winter or to assist in restful sleep, roll onto the chest, back, or throat area, followed by applying a warm compress if desired.

While this product has been formulated to be gentle on the skin, a patch test is recommended before use to identify possible sensitivities. This oil is not a replacement for traditional medicine.