Sensi Phyt's Milky Water

Sensi Phyt's Milky Water

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3 in 1: Removes make-up, cleanses & comforts

Sensi Phyt's Bio Milky Water removes make-up while cleansing the skin. This 3-in-1 make-up remover has a unique, fresh and light texture. It decongests pores and provides an immediate feeling of freshness, without drying out sensitive skin. In addition, it reduces feelings of discomfort, burning and itching caused by dry skin. Hypoallergenic** and fragrance-free.
** formulated to minimize allergic reactions

Ingredients: Aloe Vera*, Sweet Almond*, Cotton Flower*, Vegetable Bisabolol, Vegetable Squalene, Vegetable Vitamin E

Application: Morning and evening, apply using a cotton pad in large circular movements on the face, neck and eye contour. Without rinsing.