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Virtual Skin Consultation

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The skin is a reflection of our overall health and well being. We begin with a deep dive into your skincare and lifestyle choices which often indicate what could potentially be impacting your skin.

Your virtual skin consult is a thorough skin analysis by way of a complete intake discussion which includes: medical and genetic history, focusing on dermatological concerns, nutrition and hydration, lifestyle, and skincare homecare routines. We determine your skin type, the skin intrinsic characteristics related to genetics, and characteristics related to environment and lifestyle, as well as food intake related to seasonal changes.

Once the analysis is completed, your skin therapist will recommend the proper steps to care for your skin along with skincare, a skincare treatment plan and supplements to achieve your goals for a beautiful, radiant and healthy skin.

This virtual experience will include the following:
-A customized skincare regimen and how to incorporate the products.
-Skin Health Supplements and lifestyle adjustments.
-Ongoing collaboration with your skin therapist to adjust your plan if need be in the start and make the necessary adjustments for seasonal changes.
-$75 gift voucher to redeem towards any regular priced skincare products of your choice on the online store.

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