Phyt's Sublimator Enhancer to Magnify Your Makeup

Phyt's Sublimator Enhancer to Magnify Your Makeup

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An organic enhancer and accessories to gently and precisely apply, set and blend your eye shadows. Intensify the look or structure it with precision, play with colours and our accessories and shape your makeup to have a natural and flawless look. 

A transparent gel for an intensified and even more luminous colour! The Sublimator smoothes your eyelids, sets colours and ensures a long-lasting hold!

ApplicationDraw a line flush with the upper and lower lashes with the Enhancer, then apply the eye shadow of your choice. Original and preciously pearly, this powdery eyeliner transforms your eyelid into a jewel.

Ingredients: Acacia gum*, Aloe Vera*

*Ingredients from Organic Farming