Phyt's France Tanning enhancer treatment water, After Sun Care

Tanning Enhancer Treatment Water

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To prolong and sublimate their tan while exposing themselves less. This organic milky fluid helps to intensify and prolong the tan. Its light formula envelops the skin in a veil of comfort and freshness after sun exposure. Deliciously scented and melting, it penetrates in an instant and leaves the skin soothed, but also soft and velvety. Day after day, the skin is hydrated, the tan prolonged and its intensity preserved!

Skin type: All skin types – Face & Body
Expectation : Enhance, comfort, maintain

Ingredients: Carob tree, Aloe Vera*, Muscat rose*, Coconut*, vegetable Bisabolol, vegetable Vitamin E, * ingredients from Organic Farming

Application: Spray generously and spread evenly over the entire face and body after sun exposure and after returning from vacation. Renew as often as necessary. Does not protect from the sun.

Phyt's France, Made In France